Motivation and Mission
We believe that the garment industry has the potential to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Therefore, we are committed to driving change and elevating the industry to a new level of responsibility. By 2030, we hope to see the majority of brands adopting fully traceable and transparent value chains. This will promote ethical and sustainable practices, and enable consumers to make informed choices about the clothes they buy. We are dedicated to working together to develop a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry, and we are aware that reaching this aim will involve cooperation and effort from all stakeholders.

Our action aligns with Target 12.6 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of production and consumption.

Core Values and Priorities

Dedicated to promoting transparency, traceability, and sustainability in the fashion industry, we recognise the importance of transparent value chains and clear traceability in validating sustainability claims. The GO TRACE initiative focuses on empowering companies and stakeholders to collaboratively drive continuous improvement and progress. Guided by our ethical principles and values, we foster

Openness and honesty
rather than hiding information and practices

Real progress and improvement
rather than superficial claims

Collaboration and cooperation
rather than isolated efforts

Adaptability and continuous learning
rather than rigid compliance

Key Principles

The following 10 principles serve as the foundation for our framework to promoting transparency, traceability, and sustainability in the fashion industry:

  1. Accountability: By encouraging companies to declare their current traceability and transparency commitments and practices and continuously improve upon them, the initiative fosters a sense of responsibility and ethical obligation among businesses to uphold and enhance their actions toward social and environmental sustainability in their supply chains.
  2. Fairness and respect: The GO TRACE initiative promotes fair and respectful treatment by providing a confidential badge application process, allowing brands autonomy in disclosing their results as they make further improvements. When a brand opts to display the badge earned through their traceability efforts, GO TRACE is committed to transparently explaining the reasons behind the badge grant and sharing all relevant information with consumers openly.
  3. Ethical consumerism: By raising customers' awareness about the challenges of achieving traceable supply chains and showcasing the brand's efforts, the initiative promotes ethical consumerism, enabling customers to make more informed and responsible choices when purchasing garments.
  4. Collaboration and cooperation: The GO TRACE initiative facilitates collaboration and cooperation between companies, independent experts, and stakeholders to collectively address the challenges of transparency and traceability in the fashion industry.
  5. Continuous improvement: The requirement for annual renewal of the GO TRACE badge demonstrates a commitment to ongoing progress, ensuring that companies maintain their focus on enhancing traceability and transparency efforts over time. Additionally, the GO TRACE initiative will celebrate and highlight the achievements of industry leaders who excel in these areas, inspiring others to strive for excellence and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  6. Openness and honesty: The GO TRACE Initiative fosters a culture of openness and honesty by encouraging companies to share their traceability, transparency efforts, and supply chain practices with customers and stakeholders. This approach builds trust, promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration, and contributes to the discovery of more effective and sustainable solutions within the fashion industry.
  7. Empowerment: By providing companies with a structured assessment programme, clear guidelines, and recommendations, the initiative empowers businesses to take control of their traceability and transparency efforts. This can lead to more responsible and ethical decision-making within the fashion industry.
  8. Inclusivity: The GO TRACE initiative embodies a commitment to inclusivity by providing equal opportunities for fashion brands of all sizes and locations to participate in the program, fostering a diverse and inclusive business environment. This approach encourages companies to enhance their supply chain practices and collectively drive progress within the industry.
  9. Integrity: The GO TRACE initiative emphasises the importance of maintaining integrity in business practices by adhering to a set of ethical standards and guidelines, fostering a sense of trust and credibility among customers, stakeholders, and industry peers.
  10. Social and environmental impact: By promoting transparency and traceability in the fashion industry, the initiative considerably increases the likelihood of positive social and environmental outcomes. These include improved labor conditions, fair wages, and reduced exploitation within the supply chain, as well as a reduction in pollution, waste, and the industry's overall environmental footprint.
More traceability, for responsible fashion.